Peruvian Episcopalian Conference announces the winner of the Official Hymn for the Pope

  • Con Francisco a caminar is the name of the song that will represent the Pope’s visit.
  • This song tells the story of a country that does not give up and lives united by Hope and has been written by a young musician from the district of San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima).

Lima, November 17, 2017.- The Peruvian Episcopalian Conference (CEP) announced today the official hymn that will be sung during Pope Francis’ visit to the cities of Puerto Maldonado (Madre de Dios), Trujillo (La Libertad) and Lima, in January 2018.

Con Francisco a caminar is the name of the song that will characterize the Pope’s visit on January 18-21. It got the first place in the national contest Papa Francisco Perú 2018 which was based on the theme “United by Hope.”

The author and writer of the winning song is Oscar Quiñones Enciso, and was sung by the author together with his sister Elizabeth. A choir composed of children from the Buena Nueva parish community, located in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho, also participated as part of the group of interpreters.

The song will be recorded in a studio and will also receive recognition from CEP.


Con Francisco a caminar calls the Peruvian people to live in unity and consider the Pope’s visit a moment to renovate their faith. The lyrics refer to a noble country with a great heart which never gives up, does not stop believing and does not stop praying. A country of never-ending hope.

The notes are played by a mixture of Peruvian instruments, such as the cajon and the Andean flute (quena), in addition to the acoustic guitar and the drums, perfectly articulating the diverse harmonies and producing a musical tune that becomes easy to follow.

In reference to the singer, the sweet voice of Elizabeth conveys the deep emotion that is being felt in the presence of the Holy Father. Likewise, the choir of children celebrate life, joy and a life full of hope.



Oscar and Elizabeth, author and singer of the song Con Francisco a caminar, are graduated in Political Sciences and Communications, respectively. Both are as well catechists working for the Buena Nueva parish in San Juan de Lurigancho.

When Elizabeth found out about the CEP contest to create music and lyrics for the Pope’s hymn, she asked her older brother to participate, something that Oscar happily accepted, since music has always been a family bond.

After writing the lyrics, they made the musical mix; and then they decided to incorporate the children’s participation to complement the proposal to be sent to the contest for the official hymn.




The group of judges of the contest included national singers and songwriters Marco Romero and Nicole Pillman, choir director Luis Benites, and communicator Jesuit priest, Victor Hugo Miranda.

Criteria considered for the contest were: lyrics, in either prose or verse, music and interpretation.

During the first stage, more than 100 songs were received. Then, ten finalists were selected and finally the top five were selected, from which the winner was chosen.



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