• He emphasized the spirit of solidarity shown by the people from the North during the “coastal El Niño” disasters.
  • He urged the people from the North to be united to overcome these “blows” or adversities.
  • “That is why I wanted to be here and pray with you,” said Francis.

Trujillo, La Libertad, January 20, 2018.- Pope Francis arrived in Trujillo, where he was welcomed by a big crowd of citizens from all over the North of Peru, who rejoiced and welcomed him on the third day of his apostolic journey in the country.

Francis landed at Cap. FAP Carlos Martinez de Pinillos International Airport of Trujillo after 9 am, where he was welcomed by the Archbishop of Trujillo, Monsignor Miguel Cabrejos, while 60 couples of all ages danced a choreography of marinera in the runway.

After the welcome ceremony, Pope Francis got in the popemobile and headed to the esplanade of Huanchaco, where he would officiate the Holy Mass. On the way to the esplanade, about 4 kilometers away, hundreds of people stood along the streets to see him pass by.


Once at the esplanade of Huanchaco, the Holy Father officiated the Holy Mass with approximately 500 thousand people and over 40 sacred images, which had traveled with their believers from different parts of the country days before.

As part of the homily, Francis said, “Peruvians do not have the right to let others steal their hope,” referring to all the difficulties caused by the “ferocity of nature” and the struggle to overcome each one of them.

In that sense, he emphasized the people’s solidarity and spirit of community, demonstrated after being hit by the “coastal El Niño” phenomenon in the first months of the year 2017, which also affected the northern part of the country. He emphasized the importance of being united to face this kind of situations.

At this point of the homily, Francis made reference to the women in the Gospel of Saint Mathew, who did not have oil to light their lamps to light the way to their husbands, and he urged believers to find that “oil” to light their “lamps” during difficult situations.

Likewise, the Pope drew attention to the living conditions with which people live due to the lack of education and job opportunities, specially for young people, which hinders their possibility to build a safe future. He motivated the population to build a “network of hope and support” to move forward.

Finally, the Holy Father encouraged the attendees to strengthen their catholic faith and believe in Jesus Christ as transformer and hope restorer, and to remain united to overcome adversities or “blows”, as he said.

While celebrating the Eucharist, monsignor Miguel Cabrejos told Francis to keep in his heart the gratitude of the different peoples gathered there. “Thank you for your closeness, for caring about the terrible moments we lived due to the coastal El Niño.”

Once the Holy Mass ended in Huanchaco, Francis headed to the neighborhood of Buenos Aires in the popemobile. Buenos Aires is one of the communities that was hit the most by nature.

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