• Francisco said that Peru is a land of saints, and he spoke about the meaning of Saint Martin de Porres and Saint Rose of Lima.
  • He stated that corruption affects democracies in this “blessed continent”.
  • In the Main Square of Lima, thousands of people gathered to be near him.

Lima, January 19, 2018.- Today Pope Francis visited the President of the Republic, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, authorities of the State, the diplomatic corps and the civil society as part of his activities during the second day of his apostolic trip in Peru, which began on January 18.

After coming back from a hard morning in the city of Puerto Maldonado, and once in the city of Lima, the Holy Father arrived in a closed car to the Government Palace. There, he was welcomed by the President and the first lady of the nation, Mrs. Nancy Lange, while the Symphonic Orchestra of Manchay, Virgen del Rosario, played different pieces of music.

During the encounter, the President welcomed the Holy Father and made reference to the apostolic trips taken by Pope John Paul II in 1985 and 1988. “We are United by Hope, united by a vision of progress, united by a vision of progress and social revolution,” said Kuczynski Godard.

For his part, Francis also emphasized the hospitality, appreciation, respect and gratitude Peruvians have for Mother Earth, as well the creativity of its inhabitants to undertake new businesses and the solidarity they show before the catastrophes suffered.

“Let me tell you that to look at this land is a reason to hope in itself.” “You have a rich cultural diversity that interacts more and more, which constitutes the soul of this people.” These were the words said by Pope Francis.

Before he finished, the Pope stressed his wish to renew, together with all Peruvians, the commitment to the Catholic Church, which accompanied the life of Peru, and he urged to work together so Peru can continue being a land of hope.

His Holiness immediately went in the house of government with President Kuczynski in order to have a private meeting. Inside, the Head of State gave Francis a Peruvian retablo from Ayacucho, where different manifestations of the culture of Peru were represented.

After visiting the Head of State, the Pope left in his popemobile to greet the thousands of Peruvians who gathered around the Main Square and surrounding streets.

As part of his tour, Francis arrived to Saint Peter’s Church, a few blocks away from the Government Palace, where he will have a private meeting with the members of his Jesuit community. After this activity, he will go to the Nunciature, where he will spend the night. The next day, he will depart to Trujillo, in the region of La Libertad, in the north of the country.



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