• He urged to promote a law against all types of violence.
  • Mothers and grandmothers are the engine of Peruvian families, he emphasized.
  • He asked the religious not to forget the simple faith of the people

Trujillo, January 20, 2018.- Today, in addition to the celebration of the Holy Mass in the esplanade of Huanchaco, Pope Francis held a meeting with the religious and seminarists from the ecclesiastical circumscriptions of the North of Peru, as well as the Marian celebration at the main square of Trujillo, as part of the activities of his apostolic journey in Peru.

With the religious men and women of the North of Peru

The encounter with the religious men and women from the 11 ecclesiastical jurisdictions was held at the “San Carlos y Marcelo” seminary school. In this meeting, a more colloquial Francisco was seen, using phrases that were not contemplated in his speech. At all times, he said that it is fundamental to know how to recognize that one is called to serve and not to walk away from that calling, “It is good to know that we are not the Messiah! It frees us from believing that we are too important.”


Tribute to Virgin Mary

After this meeting, Francis travelled 400 meters in his popemobile until the main square of the city, where thousands of believers awaited him for the Marian celebration with the Virgin of the Gate and other sacred images from all over the country. Among these images were the Cross of Chalpón of Chiclayo, the Captive Lord of Ayabaca, the Virgin of Las Mercedes of Paita, the Divine Child of Eten, among others.

In the framework of the celebration of Virgin Mary, the Pope said, “What would Peru do without the mothers and grandmothers.” He urged Peruvians to fight against the plague of femicide and asked to sponsor “a law and a culture of repudiation of all forms of violence”.

It is worth mentioning that, prior to the two aforementioned activities, Francis visited the Cathedral of Trujillo and the Archbishop’s Palace. After that, he went towards the airport of Trujillo to board an airplane that would take him to Lima.

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