The Peruvian Episcopalian Conference circulates official hymn “Con Francisco a caminar” at national level

Lima, November 26, 2017.- The Peruvian Episcopalian Conference-CEP is circulating at national level the official hymn selected for Pope Francis’ visit to Peru: Con Francisco a caminar, a song that will portray the apostolic journey of His Holiness to Peru next January.


The hymn, composed by Oscar Quiñones Enciso and performed by his sister Elizabeth, is the song that will accompany Pope Francis during his journey to the cities of Puerto Maldonado (Madre de Dios) on January 19, Trujillo (La Libertad) on January 20, and Lima on January 21.


For this reason, CEP has sent the lyrics and basic chords of the Papal hymn to all parishes and churches around the country, as well as to other catholic institutions and to all those interested, in order to be shared among their communities so as to be learned and sang by them.


It is important to point out that all the relevant information of the official hymn, lyrics, chords, original audio and tutorial video, are available at the official website for the Pope’s visit: in the following link:


The songwriter, apart from receiving CEP’s recognition, will have his work produced in a professional studio.



Con Francisco a caminar calls Peruvians to continue living in unity and to take Pope Francis’ visit as a renovation of our faith. The lyrics refer to a country of great nobility and of a great heart that doesn’t give up, which does not stop believing or praying. It is Peru, a country of never-ending hope.


Musically, the melody shows a mixture of Peruvian instruments, such as the cajon, the Peruvian panpipe (zampoña), the Andean flute (quena) and the charango, apart from the acoustic guitar and the drums, which articulate well the different chords producing a harmonic sensation easy to follow all along the song.


During the first stage of the contest, more than 120 musical proposals were sent. Then, 10 semi-finalists were selected. During the last step, the judges selected the top 5, among which the winner was chosen.


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